Postgraduate course

Sunday JUne 12 - 08.30-17.00

Class II treatment in children and adolescents

The presentation/course will include an overview of different treatment options, and an evidence based discussion concerning:

  • timing of treatment with regard to growth
  • treatment outcome
  • treatment stability

The course will include a literature overview together with presentation of a large number of clinical cases, enabling the clinic and science to be lined together.



Which is the best Class II treatment?

A Class II malocclusion, in combination with a large overjet, is found in around 20-25 per cent of untreated children and adolescents and is often a reason for orthodontic treatment.

This postgraduate course will, in an evidence based way, focus on treatment effects when performing different Class II treatments. Special attention will be given to the vertical dimension in order to avoid the so-called ‘clockwise response’.

The stability of Class II treatments will be discussed, especially in relation to growth and timing of treatment.

Case selection, treatment effects and treatment outcome will be discussed and exemplified for cases treated with removable, Herbst and Forsus® appliances and in extraction and non-extraction fixed appliance treatment.

Thor Henrikson, Sweden

Course fee included VAT 25%

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(Postgraduate course total 6 CPD)