W J B Houston Research Awards

Every year, the interest from a trust, incorporating some of the Society's reserves, is available to finance two awards, one for the best research paper and the other for the best poster, presenting the results of original, unpublished research, of a topic of orthodontic interest at the annual Congress. The winners will receive an inscribed certificate and a prize of £2,000 (or the equivalent in Euros).

Applicants for these awards must have been members of the EOS for a minimum period of two consecutive years at the date of application. Those who wish to be considered for these awards must indicate their interest at the time of abstract submission and also submit a paper on their research to the EOS office by the specified date.

Beni Solow Award

Following the death of Beni Solow, an award was instigated to honour his outstanding work for the European Journal of Orthodontics as a member of the editorial board, referee and author. All papers published in the EJO during the preceding year are eligible. The Editorial Board of the EJO undertakes selection and the winner is announced at the annual Congress.

The award is for £2,500 (or the equivalent in Euros) together with an inscribed certificate.

Evaluation of articles

All members of the editorial board (excluding the Editor and Associate Editors) select 10 articles that should be considered for the award. The Editorial Board are not permitted to select any article in which they are listed as an author.

The marks are collated and the 10 articles that receive the most with the most marks are then rescored under the following categories:

  • relevance
  • originality
  • methodology
  • presentation of results
  • discussion
  • impact

Francesca Miotti Award

Following a kind donation to the EOS in memory of Francesca Miotti, an award has been instigated in her name. A sum of £500 (or the equivalent in Euros), together with a certificate, will be awarded to the best clinical poster on display at the annual Congress. This award is open to both members and non-members.

EOS poster awards

Up to five awards each with a value of £500 (or Euro equivalent), together with an inscribed certificate, are available for the five posters, identified by the committee of judges, on display at the annual Congress on any topic displaying the best information, presentation and research. All posters on display are automatically eligible for these awards.

Posters entered for the Houston Research Award are not eligible for these awards. These five poster awards are also open to non-EOS members.