Opening Ceremony Programme

Conférencier: Alexandra Hjelm


Tälje Symphony Orchestra

Conducted by: Niclas Blixt

Festive March from Suite “The Prodigal Son” Alfven H (1872-1960) arr: N.Blixt
Berceuse Järnefelt A (1869-1958)

Claes Virdeborn

A session for practical smiling

Sofia Vokalensemble

Conducted by: Bengt Ollén

Sommerlied “In this lovely summer time” (text by: Gerhardt and von Düben)

Soloist: Marie Hagenfeldt

Söderblom N (1866-1931) arr: B Ollén
Nyon Nyon Runestad J (1986-)

Charlotte Perrelli

Take me to your heaven (text by: Lengstrand and Ubeda) Diedricson L  (1961-)  arr: S Odenhall
Hero Kempe F & Ljunggren B arr: M Renliden

Tälje Symphony Orchestra & Sofia Vokalensemble

Hymnus Orthodontium (text by: Cimerman) Avsenik S Jr (1958-)    arr: H-E Andtbacka

Tälje Symphony Orchestra,  founded 1933 is an amateur symphony orchestra with a municipal assignment in the city of Södertälje. Its members comprise people with various professions dedicating their leisure time to their admiration for playing music. The orchestra wears the legacy of traditional symphony music and strives to nourish the ever-growing entertainment industry by justifying the importance of live music performances also in the suburbs.
Niclas Blixt, conductor and music director of Tälje Sympony Orchestra owns passion for conducting, inspirational leadership and dedication to teaching. His main focus is conducting, but he is also devoted to composing, arranging, teaching, music research and performing chamber music. After graduating from Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm he has studied conducting with Siegfrid Naumann and Jorma Panula and at École Normale de Musique in Paris and the Juilliard School i New York. He has been guest conductor in the US, Italy and the Czech Republic.

Sofia Vokalensemble was formed in 1995 by Bengt Ollén, who still is the choir’s committed conductor. The choir has a unique sound, captivating stage presence and a big heart with performances characterized by a warm, lyrical Swedish choral sound and a stage presence that has taken the ensemble far in international competitions. In 2012 the ensemble won the European Grand Prix for Choral Singing.


Bengt Ollén has led the vocal ensemble from its start with great passion and a never-dying enthusiasm. His leadership has formed Sofia Vokalensemble to a positive and resolute choir through musical development. His vision is to create music “beyond the notes”. Ollén has studied under Gösta Ohlin and Gunnar Eriksson at the Academy of Music and Drama in Gothenburg and in 1981 he formed the vocal ensemble Amanda. He is regularly engaged as a guest lecturer at choir festivals, workshops and concerts, both in Sweden and internationally.


Claes Virdeborn works as a specialist in periodontology at Malmö University. Besides dentistry he has worked as a scriptwriter for Swedish television, and music from his albums are frequently being played in radio. Music and comedy has always been among his hobbies and they have lately become a part of his professional life. 


Charlotte Perrelli is one of the most successful Swedish artists ever within the schlager industry. She has represented Sweden in Eurovision Song Contest twice, 1999 being the winner. Her career has continuously become stronger with reputable performances in leading roles of the musicals “Beauty and the Beast “ and “Evita”. 

Alexandra Hjelm is a journalist, TV producer and a news editor at SVT (Swedish Broadcasting Corporation). She especially enjoys meeting a live audience and being their guide through the evening. She is particularly proud to be the guide of this evening’s celebration of Swedish culture, with music and voices creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere as well as an unforgettable meeting.